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Here We Go Again
I've held all of my emotions in for 4 long months. The most tortuous and useless months of my life with a boyfriend. How could one person hurt another so much and not care? To push me around, tell me you have crushes on other girls, hit on all these girls in front of me, make me come to your beckoning call just to get there and you're out on a date with another girl. It's fucking great that you can't tell me the truth to my face.

You broke up with me and gave me a bull shit reason why. Then you tell me you want a relationship where you and your girlfriend don't talk, see each other, text or call for days and days on end. The fuck kind of a relationship is that? They call that the booty call, sir. For 2 months you were great. You were only that good to me so you could treat me like shit in the end.

What was it? You needed a change of scenery? Can't stay with one girl for too long? Got bored?

I love that when I told you I have cancer you shrug it off and say "oh well". That was a beautiful moment in which I just wanted to fucking die.

You know, I thought at the beginning I couldn't find a guy who will cuddle with me the way you did, but you know what? Fuck you. I can. And they'll treat me better. And they'll hold me with feeling. They won't put me down. I don't care how long it takes to find this guy, I'll find him.

I'm so glad I'm not sad and lonely anymore. I'm glad I'm past that stage. I'm glad I'm moving on to being angry.


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