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The Scars Prove That I am Still Alive
I've been doing... okay recently.. I guess. I have a therapy appointment on Friday... thankfully. Also, things are going great with Bobby :) it's been more than two weeks and he totally accepts me. There's not sexual pressure AT. ALL. It's truly amazing. It got me thinking... you know? This could be it.. this could be my perfect match. I feel soooo comfortable with him. It's crazy. And it's like, he's been through so much, different things that I've been through, so we (somehow) understand each other better than anyone else.

I still haven't written the Victim Aftermath Sumary. I just can't do it. It hurts too much. I don't knoww how I'm ever gonna get it in to them before the 16th of this month. It's already the third... maybe I'll bring it in to my therapist on Friday and she can help me.

Anyways... that's about it :)


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